SMS Security Presents Simple Tips to Improve Home Security

SMS Security Presents Simple Tips to Improve Home Security

Home security is a very important aspect of being a homeowner. It’s the thing that stands between your family and the elements that would seek to do them harm in your home sweet home.

Security might seem like an overwhelming endeavor, and we here at SMS Security have trouble with it on occasion. We’re not afraid to admit that; after all, what’s the point of all those security expos and conventions? They’re there so that people can share what they’ve learned in order to further develop the home security industry.

In the spirit of sharing knowledge, we here at SMS Security have some tips for you homeowners looking to get a bit security for their homes.

It’s no false alarm.

Alarm systems are the some of the most common methods of home protection, and for very good reason: they work. They immediately inform the authorities and you if anything undesired intrudes on your home. If nothing else, burglars are so afraid of them that they avoid them like the plague.

Where are the wires?

Any burglar looking to intrude on a home will immediately go for the electrical system, attempting to disable whatever home security system you have. As such, it’s wise to keep the wiring hidden, as having them out in the open makes them vulnerable.

Anybody home?

Is the first thing burglars ask when targeting a house. Of course, there are times when you have to leave the house unoccupied, so what do you do in such a scenario? Simple. Make it look like your house is occupied. Things like automatic timers help a lot with this.

Shine bright.

The cover of darkness is a burglar’s best friend. They want to go in, get the valuable stuff and get out, without anyone knowing they were ever there. As such, they’ll avoid brightly lit areas, even going after the wires for the lighting, if needed. Lights with infrared detectors turn on automatically whenever someone steps foot in its zone, which, when put in the entry points of a house, can shine the (semi-)metaphorical spotlight on any would-be burglar.

How’s the windows?

A common gag in sci-fi is someone calling or considering windows a structural weakness. For houses, they are a weakness: a security weakness. They’re one of the most common entry points for burglars, and, as such, it’s prudent to reinforce them. Small panes or burglar-resistant glass are both viable options.


Security Alarms, Locks, CCTV: Ways to keep your house safe

Safety and security for the family starts with protecting the house, and with some many ways to keep your home secure, with security alarms, heavy duty locks, and the like, there are a lot of options, and we here at know full well that they can be overwhelming. But the end goal is one that’s simple, straightforward, and easy to grasp: keeping your home secure.

Security Alarms, Locks, CCTV Ways to keep your house safe

So here are some tips to help you keep your house safe for your family.

New house? New locks.

A new home represents a new opportunity, a fresh start. But someone had to have had access to it before you came along, whether the house is new or an refurbished property. It’s not a bad idea to change the locks when you move into a new place, and if you lose the keys, changing the locks is also a good idea, you never know who got their hands on your keys when you lost them.

Get an alarm system.

One of the best ways to keep your home safe is with security alarms, which inform the authorities and homeowners if something gets invasive. A few of us here at have also noticed that the mere presence of security alarms can scare off burglars, so it’s already helpful before it even goes off.

Illusions work.

Burglaries tend to happen to homes that are left abandoned for extended periods of time, or at least, have a consistent pattern of being left empty; burglars watch for these things. Like in the movie Home Alone, it’s a burglar deterrent to give your home the illusion of occupancy.

What’s in the mail?

A lot of people have been told not to keep their keys in their mailbox or in under their doormats. A lot of people do so anyway, and burglars know that. Wrap a key in foil, or whatever you can use to make it seem unassuming and unimportant and stuff it someplace only a family member would think to look or know about.

Lights on!

Lighting is one of the best things to keep thieves at bay, as noted by one of the above points. Infrared detectors integrated into certain lights will turn them on, shining light on whatever area the IR detectors are place into. No criminal wants to be in the spotlight, metaphorically speaking.

Why You Need Commercial Security Services in Your Business?

Why You Need Commercial Security Services in Your Business

You protect your business from danger when you get to select the best commercial security services for your property. Crimes are usually the reason why 30% of businesses fail. Business establishments need to be guarded all the time to prevent criminal activity, which can affect earnings and properties.

Many companies underestimate the risk of breaking in until it happens. Items stolen due to the breaking in can be replaced by insurance. However, instances happen when you need to replenish stocks and gather lost information, which will take more time and money. Sometimes, staff and customers are affected by criminal acts. To prevent worst things to happen to your business, why not install SMS Security devices for protection.

When you are determined to obtain the right commercial security for your business, professional security services can offer detailed information about saidassistance. You need their services to protect the perimeters and interiors of your business, safeguard against fraud and theft, the handling of money, and more.

The best security providers often have good reputation. They employ law enforcement and military experienced people and provide education to give you the highest trained and experienced representatives that can protect your business and commercial property. They also work hand in hand with the security devices that are installed in your business.

You need to assess your property on what type of security you need for your business. SMS Security can assist you with this need. You can check out their website and seek confidential consultation beginning with the interview process of the provider. The security company can provide you excellence in experience and reputation. It can make you learn about some security topics, which you may have overlooked during the internal process.

When you take essential steps to selecting the best commercial security provider, you provide peace of mind to everyone involved in your business. You know that it is protected all the time by being manned by security personnel and devices that secure protection at all times. You also provide assurance to your personnel and customers as they know in your business they are protected well.

Benefits Of Home Security System According To SMS Security

Benefits Of Home Security System According To SMS Security

When it comes to home and business security in Perth, is the leading name in the security industry. Our company SMS Security has 25 years of experience in installing security systems for both residential and commercial properties. We provide free site visit and quotation to make sure that the right security system is installed. We also have free phone consultation to discuss every detail. We take into account the client’s desire for an affordable package. Here are the benefits of home security system according to SMS Security.

Burglars are less likely to enter a home with home security thus your valuables are not susceptible to theft. There have been many cases of homeowners reporting theft of their valuable items such as jewelry and electronic gadgets.

According to a study conducted by Rutgers in 2009, the number crimes in a community decrease as the number of home security increases. The same goes for houses with security system but belongs in the same community.

Latest home security system makes it possible for homeowners to remotely monitor their properties. You will be able to see what’s happening through the cameras while smart homes make it possible to control the lights, thermostat and door locks.

SMS Security said that homeowners with home security systems are paying less for their monthly insurance by 20 per cent compared to those who do not have a security system. This is one of the reasons why a home security system is considered a good investment.

In case of fire emergencies or carbon monoxide leak, you can be notified even if you are away. There are providers that set up the system in a way that authorities are warned in case of these emergencies.

For families with kids, the security system’s camera is a good way to monitor them while you are not at home. You can even unlock the door when they arrive from school so they don’t have to carry keys.

Best of all, SMS Security clients are more at ease after having a home security system because it gave them peace of mind.

How You Can Buy the Right Home Alarm Perth

How You Can Buy the Right Home Alarm Perth

Home security systems are very essential for a home. If properly installed, it can professionally protect and minimize the risk of burglary by 40%. They also create an impact to your insurance rates, and can ensure safety in your neighborhood. More than anything else, the home alarm Perth can provide some peace of mind. If you’re ready to learn how home security systems works, this is the perfect place to start.

Figure Out Why You Need One

A home security system can track down an intrusion and provide alert when it happens. However, this is barely the start of what’s in store for the device. Just to let you start, here are a few things you don’t recognizea home alarm Perth can do:

  • Automate your home: The security system can be the main system to combine smart home features like controlling lights, thermostats, and more.
  • Track down hazards: Aside from burglary, you want your home safe from fire, carbon monoxide and other natural killers. A great service can help notify designated authorities in times of fire, burglary or injuries.
  • Allow remote access: If you remember you left something on at home, you can use the security system to check it remotely to switch off.
  • Provide energy savings: Having the home alarm Perth installedcan monitor heating, cooling and lighting, which helps you cut down costs.

Check for Prices

Every company will have varied prices for the system. Even for a single suppliercan have various plans and options. It is important to secure proper security in your home; hence, you need to stick to a budgetto provide you a device on what is going in and out of your home. Note that you are investing on something that can entail a lot of your money.

Consider Installation

Security system installation can entail more than operating the system itself. You can choose SMS Security to install this service into your home. They don’t charge you with hidden fees as everything is clearly measured by dollars. The installation can require wiring, digging and other construction projects inside the home. If you want to cut down costs, you can also opt for DIY installation options. Just ensure that you have made thorough inspection before signing a contract with them.

SMS Security Urge Businesses To Install Security Cameras

SMS Security Urge Businesses To Install Security Cameras

SMS Security is an expert when it comes to security alarms and CCTV cameras. Our company is based in Perth and services neighboring areas. We have been in the business since 2006 and continue to be the leading service company when it comes to providing residents of Perth the best security alarm and CCTV system for their home and business. SMS Security recognizes that safety and security within the workplace is very important. It does not matter what the type of business is, security should be top priority. If you are a business owner and unsure whether to install CCTV cameras or not, here is a list of benefits that will surely change your mind.

  • Thefts are more likely not to happen when robbers see that the establishment is equipped with CCTV cameras. The workplace is not exempted from theft thus a security surveillance system will prove to be necessary and helpful in preventing such crimes from happening. Business owners will also feel more at ease when they know that they have security cameras all around.
  • SMS Security recommends CCTV cameras to act as the eyes of the business. The owner will have to be away at times and this is when dishonest acts usually happen. Aside from discouraging theft, workers are productive even when the owner is not around because they know they are being recorded on the security system. Remote monitoring is possible for the head of the business wherever they may be in the world as long as there is an internet connection.
  • CCTV cameras can help prevent workers and unauthorized personnel from entering areas where confidential files and data are stored.
  • With a security camera, business owners can review what happened for the entire day. They can watch the recordings and determine customer satisfaction by the way employees are treating them. They will also learn more about products that sell more and aisles that are often visited by consumers. This is one of the best ways to improve the business.
  • Lastly, SMS Security suggests installation of a security camera to act as a protection for the company in legal cases where evidence is required.

3 Reasons To Install SMS Security At Home


Even with safe neighbourhood, you never know when you will need moreprotectionfrom SMS Security in your premises. The added security will keep your family and your property safe against persons with evil designs. Since you can never be sure about circumstances, it would only be practical of you to get security alarms in your home. Choose your security alarms to be installed by one of the most reputable security specialists in your area.

At SMS Security, we install high quality security equipment and aside from that, we offer 5 to 10 year warranty on the equipment including 24 months warranty on labour. Our technicians are highly trained with skills gained out of years of providing service to our customers. If you will read testimonials, you will find our satisfied customers who can attest to our high quality and affordable services. Here are additional reasons why you should install home security system in your premises.

Strengthened property protection

One of the reasons why homeowners obtain services from our company is that we provide intensified security around their property. With high quality security alarm that we provide at SMS Security, your system is connected to us as your service provider. We will get notified if there are any questionable or irregular activities in your home. This way, you get peace of mind that we are looking closely at the security and protection in your home and our personnel will immediately alarm the authorities if ever your home security is compromised.

Crime prevention

A home with a reliable and functional security alarm can effectively prevent crimes and potential break-ins. Lawless criminals are afraid to get caught and the moment they realize that the property that they are about to break in is equipped with working CCTV, they will definitely think twice about breaking in.

Remote monitoring

Another advantage of having SMS Security around your property is that you can access your home from a remote location. You can lock your doors and gates or open them without actually going to your property. You can also view the exact situation at home through an application that you can install on your smart phone.

The Various Trends Of SMS Security Systems

SMS Security Systems

Crime rates have increased extensively. For this reason, there is a greater need to ensure that your property is protected. You can always try SMS security systems, that show you what is happening inside your property. There are many types available in the market today. You just need to find what suits you best on protecting your property and personal belongings from theft or vandalism.

Your home and workplace needs CCTV systems to keep it safe and sound. If you install a motion sensor alarm, it isn’t a guarantee that your property is protected. It’s because this type of SMS security system can be tampered easily by intruders. Hence, you need to ensure that all security systems in your place work as planned. So choose a product that provides the exact protectionto have peace of mind.

Searching for the best security systems will need you to consider SMS Security to handle your needs. The company offers various CCTV camera options that will perfectly suit your security requirements. They offer the latest camera technology such as IP Cameras, which you can view live video feeds. There are also other types of cameras such as internal analogue dome cameras, infra-red cameras, and the pan tilt zoom cameras, which feature various uses of CCTV camera systems.

The modern trends have allowed deployment of SMS security here and there. Living in a town or city is never an option without these cameras. It ensures safety wherever you go, especially if you had to leave your homes for a long time. Even the workplace needs to monitor performance of every person coming in and out of the office. So in cases of intruders, they can easily pinpoint the culprit and report to the authorities when caught in action.

SMS Security is an expert in offering CCTV and security systems. They have worked as such in Australia for over two decades. They have made a name for providing high quality security systems in Australia’s many cities and towns. The company can also provide excellent advice of choices, as well as offer cost efficient systems to protect every family member or workplace.

3 Reasons to Get Home Security Alarms in Perth


No matter how safe your neighbourhood is, you can never tell when you are going to need an additional security to keep your family and your property safe against bad elements. Because circumstances can be unpredictable, it is only right to get home security alarms in Perth from one of the most reputable security specialists, the SMS Security.

At SMS Security, not only do we install high quality security equipment, we offer 5 to 10 year warranty of this equipment along with up to 2 years labour warranty. Our installers are highly trained with skills obtained from years of service on the field. Our happy customers can surely attest to our high quality and friendly service delivery. If you are having second thoughts about getting a home security system for your home, take a look at these ideas.

Protects your property

One of the main reasons why homeowners equip their homes with home security alarms in Perth is for them to secure their belongings and valuable items. With a functional security alarm that connects to the service provider, any questionable or irregular activities at home will be determined by the service provider. This gives you the peace of mind that you have a team that is closely monitoring your home and you have a team that will alarm the authorities if ever your home and security are compromised.

Prevents crimes

Having a home with a reliable and functional security alarm deters crimes and potential break-ins by individuals with evil designs. The major fear of lawless criminals is to get caught and they will think twice about breaking when they notice that your home is equipped with CCTVs in strategic locations.

Allows remote monitoring to your home

Another advantage of having home security alarms in Perth is that you can access your home even if you are located miles away from it. You can lock the doors or gates without actually being there and you can view the exact situation through an application that can be installed on your smart phone or mobile gadget.